Seta is a Colombian brand based in Colombia and Miami, that was born from a passion for fashion, it has an intimate connection with a womens inner beauty and the creativity to make the each look unique. Seta, more than a clothing brand is a style of life, that guides you and inspires you to dress, it is no longer a question of fashion, but it inspires to create your own style. Seta is characterized and is renowned for its cutting-edge, daring and original mix in fabric textures !! Focusing on combining trends is what makes us stand out and makes us a star brand! Going from hippie to romantic, bohemian to the rocker, and from the classic to the modern! The brand has infinite sources of inspiration, such as nature, art, music and street fashion. Seta is a diamond that day after day is shinning brighter, thanks to the acceptance and good response from you the clients and admirers, who have given the brand recognition and a good name for itself . For Seta the quality and good service are key factors for our clients, that is why we strive to work only at our best day after day to make Seta an experience you are going to want to repeat! For the creators of the brand the most important factor is to maintain the closest connection with women Seta, we manage to achieve this with constant updating our trends, styles, and unique creations.
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