Coal Fired Cuban Cuisine. Marabú pays homage to Cuban culture with its unique name. The restaurant’s traditional artisanal cuisine will bring Cuba’s countryside to the table as carefully-sourced ingredients are gathered to create classic dishes with bursts of smoky, rich flavor as they are cooked with charcoal. The cuisine will offer a variety of items on the menu ranging from large-format meats, rices, and vegetables as well as seafood. Marabú’s ambiance is inspired by cities like Camagüey and Pinar del Rio. Its interiors embody the Cuban suave and elegance that makes the island so alluring. Taking center stage, a swanky Havana-inspired bar will serve an array of handpicked traditional Cuban cocktails with a modern twist. The restaurant will also feature an outdoor pergola, reminiscent of “el campo,” to anchor a lively al fresco dining scene. At the helm of the kitchen is Chef-Partner Alberto Cabrera.
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