Kiton is an Italian luxury label founded by Ciro Paone in Arzano, a province of Napoli. It’s one of the best and well-known suit manufacturing brands in the world. Kiton uses some of the best and most rare materials on the market, like Vicuña, cashmere, silk, linen, micron wool, calfskin, deerskin, goatskin, and lambskin. Ciro Paone, the founder of Kiton, once said, “My greatest source of pride is to have restored dignity to the tailoring profession.” So, in 2000, he launched the Kiton tailoring school to ensure the continuity of sartorial art in the world and guard traditions. When it comes to Kiton suits, all the small components are handmade. So, you can expect the buttons holes and pocket square in linen hand-embroidered. The artisans can spend over 25 hours over details to ensure they provide the best quality garments.

Usually, a Kiton suit can pass by many different hands. For example, one tailor constructs the collar, another cuts and sews the pockets, and another tailor attaches the sleeves, etc. Each tailor is in charge of one particular area of the suit.

Wearing a luxury brand like Kiton will make people perceive you as prestigious, displaying financial power and status.
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